Sunday, March 1, 2009

About Me

I'm MaryTara (MT) :) Hi!

A bit about me:
Well, I have 2 awesome children who keep me quite busy. My son has Autism and you can mostly find me blogging about him at The Bon Bon Gazette. In late February 2009 I found out that my daughter, Belle, has Amblyopia.

So, I started this blog, Amblyopia Kids: Adventures in Amblyopia in order to chronicle her journey in entirety. From diagnosis to hopefully a day when I can share that Belle has successfully regained vision. I'm committed to sharing the highs, the lows, and everyplace in between. You'll find photos, product reviews, cries for help, resource links, and hopefully helpful advice too.

I welcome comments on my posts, please don't be shy!

How to get in touch:
If you would like to contact me please email me at amblyopiakids at gmail dot com or Send email to Amblyopia Kids

I am also on Twitter as AmblyopiaKids

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Share your story:
Also, if you have an Amblyopia story that you would like to share here or become a contributor to this blog - just let me know.

Product Reviews:
I love to try out and review products - If you make or sell a product that is related to Amblyopia (like eye patches, children's books, videos, etc) Please contact me. I have a longstanding history of product reviews with other 800 products reviewed at where I am the Category Lead for the Kids and Family category. My Epinions profile is here. I will review your product on this blog and/or at database.

Welcome to Amblyopia Kids!