Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Afraid of the Dark

My daughter is painfully afraid of the dark. She is almost paralyzed when the lights are out because she says she cannot see. Having functional vision in just her right eye, I'm certain plays a role. She has a Hello Kitty clock radio in her room that has a built in hello kitty nightlight on it but it doesn't add quite enough ambient light in her room to make much of a difference. To help her I purchased her the Mobi Tykelight, Jr in Pink (of course). It comes in green, blue, or pink and is under $10! While I was at it I got my autistic son the green one because he loves light up toys.

So far Belle loves her Tykelight, Jr. It runs on 3AAA batteries that are included with purchase and has 3 settings auto, low, and high. In auto mode it will turn off on its own after 15 minutes. I'm hopeful that it will be her little buddy at night making things just a bit easier for her and soothing her fears of darkness.

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