Sunday, March 1, 2009

Belle's Journey Beating Amblyopia

Meet Belle, a pretty little 4 year old girl who wants nothing more than to be a princess or a ballerina - or both.

How it Began
In February 2009 they were doing routine vision screening at Belle's pre-k conducted by the Commission for the Blind. Belle didn't do so well on the testing and a note came home in her backpack suggesting we go to the eye doctor. The eye doctor gave her the diagnosis of Anisometropic Amblyopia and told us that she would need both glasses and eye patching. Her vision was bad (20/200 in one eye estimated - with farsightedness in her left eye and not perfect in her right (20/40?). We were given a prescription for Atropine and told to return in 2 weeks with her eyes dilated for refraction testing.

The Atropine drops day is one that will forever remain in my mind. She had some side effects to the drops including sweating, flushed cheeks and droopy eyes.

Atropine Drops Day
First Dose of Atropine
2nd Dose of Atropine

Off to the Eye Doctor we went. Thankfully - Belle thought going to the eye doctor was fun. The eye doctor was able to get a better picture of her prescription and we set on a plan of agressive patching and eyeglasses. Though some treat amblyopia with atropine drops it was decided that Belle was not a good candidate for this and patching was a better course of action for her. So, the patching started...

Our mission - to improve Belle's sight. We are determined to stop the amblyopia in its tracks and turn it around so our little Belle can see with Both Eyes.

This blog, Amblyopia Kids is Belle's amblyopia adventure. Journey with us.

1 month progress report
3 month checkup
5 month progress report - patching works!
1 year progress report - Continued Progress!

1 year and 3 months - Regression :( Riding the Amblyopia roller coaster, and the dreaded regression monster so The doctor says... More Patching
Recheck - 6 weeks - not a lot of progress
Recheck - 12 weeks - We have progress!

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