Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Build a Bear with glasses

Meet Flowers, Belle's Bear that wears pretty glasses!

After we picked out Belle's new frames we headed over to the mall for a slice of pizza and some shopping. She asked me if she could go to Build A Bear and I suggested maybe getting a pair of glasses for one of her many "pets" she has at home. Of course, that ended up turning into building a new bear that wore glasses, but that's ok. Isn't she PRETTY?
BuildABear sells little glasses for your plush animals for just $4. My son has a build a bear dog that has glasses, so I know this is where she got the idea. We went there one day while his glasses were being made to kill time. Of course, anything that he gets she has to get also - that's how it works when you are a little sister.

This is where she gets the idea, her brother. That is one pet wearing a much loved pair of Mr. Potato-Head glasses and another pup wearing Alex's prescription sunglasses.

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  1. Oh thank you! I've been making very sad looking glasses with red pipe cleaner for Zoe's bears. Those are terribly cute.