Friday, March 27, 2009

Children's Eye Foundation Eyecare Calendar Contest

I've been reading about the Children's Eye Foundation calendar contest over at the Little Four Eyes website. The CEF is running a contest for pictures to run in their calendar from user submitted photos and online votes. It seems that many of the submissions, while "beautiful", don't seem to be the most relevant to kids eyecare. So, members from the L4E community have been submitting beautiful pictures of children wearing glasses, patches, etc. Please take a minute to visit Little Four Eyes and check out the beautiful kids and vote - you can vote as many times as you want, so you don't have to pick just one - pick 'em all if you have a few minutes to click!

I decided to join in and submitted one of my favorite pictures so far of Belle wearing her patch. This was actually one of the first pictures of Belle wearing the patch and she was still smiley about it. Unfortunately most of the pictures I have lately are not so happy, but regardless of the patch and squint - I still see her Smiling Eyes :)

Vote for "My Smiling Eyes" and promote Amblyopia Awareness! Princesses can and do wear eyepatches!

Patching makes her eye strong and beautiful.


  1. It's really a beautiful picture - and perfect title. I love her smile!

  2. MT, I'm so glad you entered Belle's picture. Just popped in to see how you're all doing. So glad the school is being helpful. SO scary that she ran into a wall before! The kitty patch is that something you made? :) Hugs, Lisa D.

  3. Hi there - There seems to be a problem with the website. I can see your photo but can't scroll down to access the voting button.

    P.S. My daughter Anya is 3+ and wears a patch (alternating eyes) for 1+ hours a day (she has intermittent exotropia). She also wears glasses to correct her mild hypermetropia (both eyes).

    All the best with Belle's patching!
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  4. Sharon, if you happen to check back, other people ran into this problem when they used some versions of Internet Explorer. You might try a different version of IE, or try using Firefox.

    I also noticed that the picture of Maggie, who you featured on your blog a while back has been entered. I'm really pleased that there are a lot more pictures now of kids and kids in glasses or patches. Feels a lot better.

  5. Nice Contest and the girl really looking very b'ful in that patch.