Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Examination Morning - Atropine Dose 2

This morning Belle was a little sweaty when I picked her up out of her bed. She isn't my sweaty kid (that's her big brother) so I was surprised by this. Granted, she'd picked out princess flannels so the hot pajamas probably didn't help it. Her cheeks were still slightly rosy but she wasn't real flushed nor was her breathing labored at all. Her eyes were still full moon dilated as they were the night before.

After getting her dressed she told me that the light was out in the living room. It didn't need to be on because of the sunlight but she sometimes likes to turn it on in the morning - a bit of a 'routine' child. When I turned the light on she cringed and tried to shield her face - screaming that it was too bright. It was somewhat like a scene from vampire movie where they are exposed to the light of day (obvious non-Twilight type!). I used the dimmer switch to lower it and then ultimately just turned it off. Unlike usual mornings where she gets up and will have her breakfast and watch her "shows" in a sunny mood, today she is laying on the couch in a fetal position and generally acting quiet. My little princess isn't feeling all that hot - but she sure does look fabulous and "ready" for St. Patrick's Day! (sore spot, I shouldn't have scheduled her appointment on St Paddy's day - apparently her class is having a party and she is not happy to be missing out).
We'll be heading out to the doctor shortly.

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