Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Eye Patch Kids DVD helps kids with Amblyopia

I've been doing my homework trying to find aids and supports for my daughter to help her with patching. She is OK with the idea of wearing glasses but insists that "patches are for pirates". I was impressed when I found The Eye Patch Kids DVD and have a copy of it headed our way.

You can Purchase the Eye Patch Kids DVD from Amazon or directly from Bjort & Company for $15.99

Learn more about the DVD:
Youtube video:

Visit the Bjort & Company website:

Check out the Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) Strabismus in Children blog:

Their cafepress store sells T-Shirts & Accessories for Amblyopia as well as food allergies. I particularly liked that they have products here for both of my children since my son is on a gluten & casein free diet (read more about it at the Bon Bon Gazette blog) :

Some of the phrases that I liked on the shirts are:
Have you ever seen a princess in glasses before? Well here I am!
Am I beautiful with my eye patch on, or what?
Princess in Glasses
Eye Heart my glasses
I'm a patching princess!
Look forward to my review of the Eye Patch Kids DVD coming soon!

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