Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First time with Eye Patch

So, this afternoon after we got home I introduced the eye patch to her eye. We've been talking about them and she is resistant but today she agreed and even told our P.O. she was going to wear it. Since she doesn't have the glasses yet to wear her Patch Pals patches, we tried out these disposable ones [Nexcare Adhesive Patch (Jr. Size)]. I thought it would help to let her put some stickers on it to decorate it. Of course she picked Cinderella and also a girly heart sticker. She had fun decorating it and let me put it on without any problem.

Within 5 seconds she was trying to pull it off and yelling "I want 2 eyes. I cannot see!". Her vision in her weak eye is 20/200 which is very blurry and the fact that she had Atropine drops in from her exam made it even blurrier I'm sure. She ripped the patch off within minutes.

We tried again later and had the same reaction.

I got out the package that I received from Patch Pals and showed her the cloth patches and we slid them over a pair of her sunglasses to show her how they worked. She likes the hot pink Princess patches the best. I'm not surprised.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is picture day at school so I made the decision to start her patching at school on Thursday. This way she'll have her new glasses already too.

Any tips on patching, appreciated!

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  1. The patching is difficult for some kids. Maggie peeled her patch off constantly. If she doesn't get used to the patches with ease, try the contact paper on the glasses, that worked great for Maggie.