Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glasses and Patches for her Dolls

She's out of control!

Seriously, my daughter knows how to work me. Earlier today I took her to Build-A-Bear where she made a bear with glasses. So, tonight she was playing with her baby dolls and she tells me she needs dolls with glasses. Of course, how can I say no to this?

In the meantime, I suggested she go play with Mr. & Mrs. Potato-Head if she wanted to play with a toy that had glasses. Then we couldn't find the glasses (since my son is always taking them to put on his Webkinz!). Life is pretty exciting at my house.

So, I start googling for dolls with glasses. I found quite a few options:

Lakeshore Learning: Item LC1147 for $9.95 you get 2 hearing aids and 2 pair of glasses for dolls. The dolls these are designed for come in all ethnicities and cost $36.95

Beyond Play
: Ragdoll type special needs dolls priced at $20 and a 2 pack of glasses (dark and clear) for $5.95. If you really like a ragdoll type of doll you may be interested in the Dexter dolls which come in a boy/girl pair for $20. At the time of me publishing this, Costco has them: http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11311255

Glasses for 18" dolls - like the American Girl, or other "knock-offs" - my daughter has one of the Madame Alexander Girlz dolls that she loves. Lots of doll collector sites sell them and one of my friends told me that you can also buy them at craft stores like ACMoore or Michaels very inexpensively. This website has a huge selection in just about every color and style and they are only $3.50 a pair! I am going to check out the craft stores but I have a feeling I will be back here. http://www.dollclothesstore.com/Doll_Accessories/Glasses.htm

American Girl - I knew these would cost a bit more and they do. Still, just $8 and you can have "real" American Girl brand doll glasses, they even come with a cute little case and in a range of colors from neutral to metal or bright colors.

Build a Bear glasses & sunglasses accessory - Just $4 a pair. We have the tortoise shell ones on my daughter's bear.

Looking for Patches for dolls?
Coordinate a doll/bear patch with a patch for your child from Pumpkin Patch Eyeworks The patches are designed for 18" dolls and they even stock the little eye glasses for dolls here too.

OrtoPad the maker of kids adhesive patches also sells Bears with patches. It comes in a girl or boy version and is called OrtoBears and they are $15 a piece.

Also, FrameHuggers has a Patching Pal program that sells a stuffed animal that is dressed and wearing a patch plus a reward incentive program. Its $34.99 to "enroll". We are huge fans of the FrameHuggers patches (read our review) here.

Little Patching Buddies from Anissa's Fun Patches offers cuddly ragdolls that wear glasses and patches. 

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