Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coloring Pages for Kids with Glasses

Just Added:  From the Children's Eye Foundation Amblyopia Kit:

The Great Glasses Play Day -   Print out  Coloring Pages for a fun Glasses Themed Playdate!

COLORING Pages for Kids with Glasses and/or eye patches!

I found the most perfect coloring page today that is a picture of a little girl with pigtails wearing glasses and was drawn with very thick outlines. Belle loves to color (scribble) and isn't anyplace close to sticking within the lines but I wonder how much of that is developmental and how much is because of her ambylopia - I'm sure it is both. I can't wait to share this coloring page with her of this adorable and happy little girl wearing glasses.  Find the coloring page here.

I've heard that coloring is a super activity for her to do while patching and we'll get started with Amomofelly's adorable page.  From Amomofelly of
The lines are thicker than traditional coloring pages, especially to help those kids who are patching and are still struggling to see through their weaker eye.  More coloring pages from the LFE site here:

While I was at it I found a few more coloring pages that are appropriate from that are pages from the book All Children Have Different Eyes: Learn to Play and Make Friends....Starring Tommy with Nystagmus (wobbly eyes) and Wendy with Strabismus (crossed eyes)

PatchPals PatchLand has posted a Princess Daisy Coloring sheet of a princess wearing a patch and glasses

The Patch   is one of my daughter's favorite Amblyopia books is  - you can print out The Patch Coloring Page

Find Printable Coloring Pages and Paper Dolls from the makers of Peeps Eyewear here - they have a princess and dragon theme. 

Also based on favorite books:  Want to make some fun eyewear just like Princess Peepers wears?
Just click here for the eyewear pattern: Fun Eyewear! Next, have a parent print it out on colored or white cardstock. Color and decorate with crystals, jewels, feathers, whatever you want! Cut them out and glue the eyewear arms or staple them. Put them on! Oh, magic mirrors! You look FABULOUS!

Find a Randy Kazandy Coloring page here based on the book:
Randy Kazandy, Where Are Your Glasses? By Rhonda Fischer, Art By Kim Sponaugle

More Coloring Pages for Amblyopia from Opticlude:

Here's fun eyeglass coloring and cut-out craft from Crayola

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My daughter was patched at 3 years old (the pediatrician found it early) and only for 6 months. She wore glasses until very recently. She'll never see out of her right eye but at least it's not wandering. Hopefully patching will work for your daughter. Good Luck!