Friday, March 13, 2009

Mom Bloggers Club Support Group for children with vision issues

Join me on the Mom Bloggers Club called Smiling Eyes for moms of all children with glasses, low vision, blindness, vision disorders, patches to find support.

To join the group go to:

My Twitter Ids are AmblyopiaKids and Hellokittiemama

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  1. I've been envisioning setting up a support group in my community for kids with Amblyopia. Having Amblyopia myself, i know how difficult and frustrating it is to wear a patch after diagnosis as a child. I have an urge to reach out to parents when i see their children wearing patches. I would like to set up a group in which kids can come after school or during the summer to be in a comfortable environment wearing their patches. Do you think parents would respond to this and if so, how would you go about setting this up?