Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Time Patching: Patch Pals

I decided since she was really digging her new glasses that we could go ahead and try out the patch. The idea was novel at first and she played along surprisingly well. The cloth patch featured is from Patch Pals and is made of felt. It slips right over her frames and has a button loop that the nosepad goes through. Because it seemed to me like she could peek around it I stuck an adhesive patch beneath it. She asked me to take a picture to send it to her grandmother, so I did -and she was quite smiley.

This really seemed to be going too well for me but I just continued to smile and go with it. Since she was doing so great she asked me if she could use my laptop so I put her on the NickJr. website. I immediately noticed she was trying to cheat and try to find a way to peek around the sides, top and bottom of the patch. She got real frustrated and melted down. It wasn't one of her finer moments and I was trying really hard to not get upset. I realize now, that it was just too much. Here, she got glasses and can see great and now I'm taking that away. The doctor wanted me to patch her right away so she didn't get used to the corrected vision of the glasses and then resist further. But, a part of me thinks an adjustment period with the glasses might be what she needs?

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