Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Picking a Patch

In preparation for patching my daughter's right eye I have been searching online and looking at the wide variety of patches that are available. One tidbit of advice that I was given is that the adhesive patches can be uncomfortable and the adhesive can irritate the skin. Since my daughter's pale skin is very sensitive and she can't even wear a band-aid for more than an hour or so without it breaking out into a rash I anticipate that the adhesive ones will prove challenging for us.

A friend of mine who has dealt with patching 2 of her girls turned me onto PatchPals because her daughter liked the pink pirate ones (with skulls) - very fun. My daughter, on the other hand - detests pirates and has already expressed she doesn't want to wear a patch because that is for pirates and for boys. I showed her the patch pals and she and I picked out a couple of patches including one that looks like a cute little kitten. They have a patch for just about every occasion, color, and "look" including ones for holidays and seasons. Most of the individual patches are $8-10 or you can purchase bundles or "packs" that include several patches or patches with shirts, capes, etc. I picked out the Princess Pack which includes a pink princess T-shirt that with a glittery crown on it that says Patch Princess and Patching makes my eye strong and beautiful, Princess patches and and an awareness bracelet. I received a shipping notice within an hour of placing my order and look forward to receiving them. The Patch Pals website also offers the Patch Pals club for kids, Patchland - a virtual world to explore, a Patch Princess area and more.

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