Saturday, March 21, 2009

Patching at the library!

After breakfast today I put on Belle's patch and she was one complaint after the next about it. I realized that if I had her out and about doing stuff she wouldn't be bored and stewing about it. So we went to the library where she picked a few books and played in the children's area. Belle loves the library and we are lucky to have one nearby that has an awesome kids section.

First there was little "baby" toddler who was trying to play with (practically attacking) Belle's kitty cat eye patch which got her riled up that the baby was trying to take her glasses. I explained to her the baby just thought the kitty cat was cute and that she wasn't trying to take or break her glasses. But once she got settled in and playing a Reader Rabbit game she bonded with a little boy playing on the PC next to her. On the way home she told me "that boy was a nice boy and he didn't say anything about my patch". I continue to be amazed at how cognisant she is about wearing it and how she might be perceived by the other kids.

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