Thursday, March 19, 2009

Patching Ballerina?

Belle asked to watch a favorite video, Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake. Me, being the "mean mommy", suggested that she wear her patch and watch it. She agreed but on the condition that she could also wear her tutu and leotard - no problem. Deal!

Usually when I put this video on her for her she is all smiles. But, not this time.

What we had was a very sad ballerina.
PS. In this picture above, I am pretty sure she is peeking/cheating because she is looking to the side and up, plus her head is cocked..... Busted!


  1. this picture is precious! i think it was great negotiating to suggest watching the movie with her patch. it's really cute! i should find a pattern online for these and sew some up for kids who need them...different themes and such!

  2. I found this but I don't really sew all that well, well - really at all aside from buttons!

    Let me know if you start making them!!!

  3. THAT is so cute!! I could easily make that :) Might have to make a run for the craft store for some felt and other goodies, when I get one made, I will post a picture on the blog!

  4. If you start making them, let me know!!!! I'll totally commission you to make some for Princess Cinderbella :)

  5. Here's another link to a REALLY pretty custom eye patch for a girl:

    Butterfly Custom Eyepatch

  6. That is gorgeous! Of course Heather Bailey is a top designer hehe! Will have to create a princess themed patch :o)