Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Picking out Princess Glasses

At the recommendation of 2 of my dear friends who have daughters with glasses, we went to Pearl Vision where they carry the Disney glasses and have a good selection for girls. The pretty girl working there, who was wearing bling bling glasses, pulled out the frames that she thought would be a good fit for Belle and we went from there.

From the moment she put this pair on - they were the ones. I was kind of trying to steer her to a pair of the titaniums flex-on type but she insisted those were for boys (which is because her brother wears that kind). Really, I should know better than to make suggestions because she has quite a mind of her own and speaks it. I liked a light pink pair, but she vetoed me.

We pick her new glasses up tomorrow afternoon!

The Princess chose these! Disney Princess Snow White #2

Now, here is a princess in glasses!

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