Friday, March 27, 2009

Relating to a one-eyed monster, can this possibly be a good thing?

We are a huge Disney/Pixar family, the kids are big fans - especially my son. One of the movies that both kids really enjoy is Monsters, Inc. and tonight my daughter asked me to watch it with her. Ok, no arm twisting needed - its a cute movie. But, it is what she went on to say next that really "got" me. Our conversation went as follows...

Belle: Do you know that Mike has a lazy eye in this movie?
me: (pause) Oh, really?
Belle: Yeah he is wearing a patch so his lazy eye gets strong.
me: (baffled) Oh. I thought Mike only had one eye.
Belle: no, he is wearing a green band-aid patch on his other eye so you can't see it Mama!

She calls the adhesive patches "band-aid patches" which is what they look like - and she insists on decorating them or covering them up because she doesn't like the way they look..not one bit. Because they are flesh tone, they may be more discreet in terms of the patches you can get but to her they make it look like her eye has disappeared. You know, maybe I'm giving my 4 year old too much credit but I don't think I am. She has largely only had the use of one eye for gosh knows how long and now with patching we are forcing her to not use her "working" eye. So, is it any bit of a stretch at all that she relates to the one-eyed Mike? To me, not at all. And I think it is cute that she's claiming his other eye is patched! Never would I have imagined my little princess would find Mike Wazowski of all "things" relatable. The other pretty cool thing is that so many of the monsters have all sorts of different eyes - some have 1 eye, 2 eyes, 3 eyes, 9 eyes, etc. Tonight when she was watching it she was counting their eyes and then telling me all about them. I do think that I enjoyed watching it tonight more than even the first time I viewed it. Yes, Monsters, Inc. absolutely has moved up in my approval ratings, not like I didn't already enjoy it!

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  1. this is very heartwarming that she is relating her experience to the monsters inc movie! it would be so helpful for children if more movies promoted eye-patch wearing in a non-chalant way :o)