Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Results of our Eye Doctor visit

As previously diagnosed, Belle has anisometropic amblyopia. Her "good" eye, the right one was measured at 20/60 after the refraction test and the left eye is 20/200.

What is anisometropia? It is when the 2 eyes have very unequal refraction - in Belles case both eyes are farsighted but the prescription is both eyes is quite different. It is estimated that 6% of those between the ages of 6 and 18 have anisometropia

What is amblyopia? This is "lazy eye" - her brain has suppressed the vision in her weaker eye and she is relying on her good eye to do all the work. This condition is estimated to affect 1–5% of the population.

Belle needs glasses, obviously, to help her see better. In addition to the glasses we also need to restore her vision as best as we can in her weak eye. We discussed Patching vs Atropine drops and the pros and cons. The doctor and I agree that we are going to use Patching because of the side effects of the Atropine (flushed face, sweating, non-stop dilation of the eye, light sensitivity). The patch needs to be on her better eye - the right eye pretty much full time. He said she should have it off for gym class and when she goes to dance class and if she was just chilling out at home she could take it off in the evenings too.

We go back to the eye doctor in a month, April 14th.

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