Friday, March 20, 2009

A sense of progress - patching gets easier day by day

Last night we had a talk about the patching and she told me that she didn't want to wear it because "She looks ridiculous". Inside I chuckled because I never imagined my 4 year old commenting about something in such an adult way, but I see her point. She went to on tell me that she didn't want to look different from all the other girls. I understand.

So, today was Belle's 2nd day of patching at school. I can say that I honestly see it is getting easier with some resistence. She went to dance class and didn't wear her glasses or patch for class. After class I changed her into her school clothes and we put on her glasses and patch and the tears started flowing. She tried to hide in one of the chairs in the waiting room. I just matter of factly took her out to the car and drove literally across the street to her school. By the time we got to the school (all of 2 minutes later) she was calmed down and she went right into class without the fuss of yesterday.

After school she headed over to a friends house and the two of them played. They played Pirates of all things - this surprised me because Belle has up until this point made it clear she does not like pirates. However, the friend she was playing with was a little boy who likes pirates and she was going along with it. He got out 2 pirate eye patches and went to hand one to Belle and she announced, "I already have a patch... Arrrrr Me Hearties!" I think I should have laughed and cried but I was in a state of jaw on the floor shock. They proceeded to do pirate dressup and have a grand old time. She wore the patch from 10:30am til 4:30pm - a total of 6 hours without complaint.

When she got home she said she was tired and I took the patch off. A bit later she suggested putting a patch on both her brother and her father and they played along. She even asked to put one back on herself for a bit.

Days are looking up.

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  1. This is very heartwarming to hear. Six hours is a long time for a 4 year old to have that on, but kudos for Belle! I can imagine all that play along with her strong eye working extra hard would certainly make anyone tired. I love how her brother and dad played along, this is such excellent support for her :o)