Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She ran into the wall

Yes, you read that right. My daughter ran into the wall today while she had her eyepatch on. When we got to school and she ran up to get into the Pre-K lineup she ran right into the brick wall and fell down. She got right up without crying and then blamed the kid who was 2 kids over and said she pushed her! The teacher and I made sure she was OK and the child who did not push her apologized anyways and asked if she was OK - it was one of her friends! Geez. So Belle was fine and her ego was bruised but it rang home to me and the teacher just how much her vision/depth perception is off when she is patched and only has the use of her weak eye. As Belle puts it, everything looks "fluffy".
And, that wall, just jumped right out at her.


  1. Hi MT, I am sorry, I have attempted to respond to one of your posts on several occassions now, but somehow I always get kicked out before the comment posts. I found you on the littlefoureyes blog. Your little Princess is just beautiful with her glasses and her patch! I know it is so hard to make her wear that patch and the glasses, especially because when you do, she simply cannot see! I just wanted to encourage you to persevere! It is hardest in the beginning! As she wears the eye patch, the vision in her weaker eye will improve and patching will become easier. It is very important to remember that yes, she has no depth perception with only one eye and it will take her a little while to get used to knowing how far things are away and learning her terrain. Also, because she has such a beautiful patch that attaches to her glasses, you have to be sure that she cannot look over it or beside it, or under it, etc. or it can cause an eye muscle problem in the better eye by peeking around it. Ellie, my daughter was doing that with her patch that attaches to her glasses, so we had to go to the sticky eye patch again, to prevent that from happening. You are doing a great job with the patching, and before you know it, her vision will be 20/20, and you will have made it through this difficult time! The more consistent you are in the beginning the faster her vision will improve. From doing vision therapy with Ellie, I have learned that it really helps to do a lot of detailed near work, to really work that eye hard while she is patched. At first, Ellie did not like it much, but after a few days, she could already see better and started having more fun. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know... we have been patching for two years, so I know the struggles... although a little different with a toddler. Have a good rest of the week!!

  2. Hi Corrie,
    We are actually "double" patching Belle. I'm using a stick on patch under her glasses. She hates it and says that the bandaid covers her eye. So, when she goes out in public she likes to put the felt Patch Pal over the top of her glasses. I noticed she could peek around it when we first got it so I nipped it in the bud with the adhesive ones which she gives me every reason in the world to not wear :(

  3. I would agree with Corrie, that the beginning of the patching is most difficult and as time goes on, it will be easier since her eye will be strengthening. Maggie only patched for about a year, maybe a little less. I noticed huge improvement in Maggie's focus on objects over the past several months. June is our next appointment, and the P.O. did mention possible dialation.