Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Silly Puppets help Amblyopia Kids in Eye Patch Kids DVD

Kelly Harmsen is the mother of a child with Amblyopia who fought wearing an eye patch. She came up with the idea of making the movie, The Eye Patch Kids, to help kids with wearing their eye patch as a result of her own child's battles with wearing it. The Eye Patch Kids are silly sock puppets called Bjorts and her company is called Bjort & Company. I'm not quite sure what a Bjort is, but whatever it is my kids sure think they are funny! Still, though the puppets look crazy and hilarious the message they deliver is a serious one - wear your patches! The storyline revolves around Princess, a girl puppet, who doesn't want to wear a patch even though her friends do, and at the end she wears a very pretty glitzy one and teaches kids an "eye patch promise" to wear those patches.

We are currently amidst the "patch battle" here with Belle. She doesn't like to wear her patch - but she does love the Eye Patch Kids! In fact, both my kids really enjoy the movie and tried to make their own crazy sock puppets using trouser socks (that were on my feet at the time) after the first time they watched it. Since that initial viewing, my daughter has convinced my husband to watch it with her a few times to share it with him. He particularly got a kick out of her taking an oath with the sock puppets to wear her patch. Today when she got home from school she was giving me grief about wearing her patch and so I put the DVD on for us to watch together - she laughed and sang along with it and she forgot about her patch for the half hour or so that it played for. When the movie ended she wanted to take her patch off and I talked to her about the promise she made with Princess to wear the patch so her eye gets strong. She knows she needs to wear her patch but she doesn't like that it makes her look "different". Patching compliance is something we'll continue to work on and use this DVD to help.

The Eye Patch Kids DVD menu has the options of playing the movie, taking the eye patch promise or doing sing-alongs. You can Buy The Eye Patch Kids DVD For Amblyopia/Strabismus from Amazon or directly from Bjort & Company for $15.99

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