Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Visiting the Ophthalmologist is Fun

Off we went to the ophthalmologist for Belle's visit. Her eyes were really dilated and she was complaining that everything was too bright. I had her wear a pair of her sunglasses which she kept on for the entire car ride and all the way into the office. She went right in and followed all the instructions from the nurse. When we got into our exam room she went right over to "the big chair" and sat in all by herself this time. Last visit, she had to sit in my lap and was a bit fearful of the big chair.

This time there was no fear at all. I loved the confidence and bravery she was exuding. She lit up the entire office. She giggled as they took her for a "ride" to lift the chair up higher so she could see the charts.

Belle likes the puppy that they have set up across the room and insisted on saying hello to the pup and petting it. She introduced the puppy to "little happy" her plush kitty that she likes to snuggle with. Little Happy went to the eye doctor with Belle to keep her company and help her not be afraid.

They showed Belle how the puppy worked and let her try out the foot pedal to make the puppy bark and wiggle. All the people in the office were thoroughly entertained by Belle and the puppy.

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