Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Children's Eye Foundation, Part II

Lots of new submissions in the calendar contest, including one of Maggie! Please vote for Belle (My smiling eyes) and Maggie (Sleepy eyes) at this link.

There are many other beautiful photos of sunsets, flowers, etc, but I definitely agree with hellokittiemama in that they are not relevant to children's eye care. While Maggie is no longer patching for now, she does wear heavy prescription glasses.

The Children's Eye Foundation has a wealth of information for parents of children who have vision challenges. A special thanks to the Little Four Eyes blog for finding this valuable link! More kids pics are posted on their site with links to vote.


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  2. (I posted above under the wrong account)
    Done! I've actually been voting for Maggie for a while. I have my set of pictures of kids who are either in glasses or who have needed eye care that I vote for each day. I'm hoping we get a bunch of kids in this calendar.

    If you're looking for more amblyopia kids to vote for (since you can vote for more than one and the top 12 are all winners) the girls in Exploring Rocks by the ocean, and It's a beautiful creation (both page 8) also have amblyopia. And the baby in the picture Hug me (pg 8) has a congenital cataract that was removed and does patching with an occluded lens to treat the amblyopia associated with that.

  3. Ann,
    I agree - I've been doing the same by going over and voting for all of the Little Four Eyes kids amblyopia, glasses, patches, the little baby with the cataract etc. :) I want kids not flowers!