Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day: The Patch Tree

For Earth Day I thought it was fitting to share Belle's patch tree. Credit for the idea of a patch tree comes from a mother at Little Four Eyes. Be sure to check out her post which shows her daughter's patch tree - her artistic skills are far superior to mine!
For Belle's tree - I had her help color in the tree draw the flowers and grass, and she had a grand time drawing it.
So, when Belle takes off her adhesive patches instead of throwing them into the garbage she puts it on the tree. I told her that when the tree is full of "leaves" she gets to pick out a treat. She wants to fill up her tree, perhaps a bit too much because she peels off her patches and puts them on the tree by herself (with her bathroom stepstool) and is very proud to do it and be rid of the patch. I've since instituted a policy that the patch doesn't get to go on the tree unless she wears it for at least 3 hours first.
Unfortunately, Belle really doesn't like wearing the adhesive patches and claims that they hurt her face. When I take them off they leave a big mark and almost tear her skin off. I hate that they hurt her :(
Today we were talking about earth day and she understands that the cloth patches are better for our earth than disposable. She understands so much that she said "so that means I don't have to wear my patches anymore!". Unfortunately, bad for the earth or not - she isn't getting out of patching. And if she is peeking around a cloth patch then she needs to use an adhesive. I mean business!
FYI - the gorgeous colorful under the eyeglass patch that Belle has on is one that a friend made for us! Belle loves the bright colors of it and amazingly enough she kept it on all afternoon until her brother came home from school - 6 hours patched today, pretty good!


  1. My daughter used to have the same problem when we took off her patch - it would leave a red mark on her skin.
    Our doctor recommended that we stick the patch on another surface (say, the underside of your arm)a couple of times, before putting the patch on her face. It worked as the excessive adhesive got removed.

  2. I love it how clever!!!That is a great picture! Preston wont wear the sticky patches, he says it bothers his eyelashes.