Monday, April 27, 2009

I need to up our patching game!

I feel like Belle is not wearing her patch as much as she should be with her busy schedule and I need to find a way to work it in every day so that we meet the goal of at least 4 hours a day, preferably 6-8hrs. I find it is toughest on the weekends.

For example, this weekend Belle went to a birthday party which was a pool party. So, obviously she wasn't going to wear her glasses or her patch in the swimming pool. She had a blast swimming (with her lifevest on) and splashing around.

After they swam, the kids had pizza and cupcakes so I put her patch and glasses on. She was trying out a new patch from Framehuggers But, when the cupcakes had really messy and sticky purple frosting on them Belle asked for the patch off so she wouldn't get it dirty and so she could lick the frosting off her cupcake - so I took it off. I know she was feeling uncomfortable wearing the patch around a lot of kids who she had never met before and I could tell she felt anxious about it. I can even tell from looking at the picture of her because her smile is so forced here and not her normal cheery self.

Afterwards the kids ran an obstacle course that included running, jumping and balancing and I kept the patch off for obvious safety reasons.
By the time she got home she was exhausted and didn't patch at all before bedtime. Our Saturday was a patching bust with just a few hours of patched time after she woke up and until lunch time.

Today, Sunday - we spent most of the day at the beach. Belle did wear her prescription sunglasses but I didn't patch her in the heat plus if she got wet and into the water.

When she got home and showered and dressed again I put the patch on her. Until, it was dinner and she had spaghetti and off with the patch again. I need to work on consistency because right now it seems like the only thing consistent is that the patch keeps coming off for some reason or another.

I'm frustrated. But not frustrated with Belle - instead with Myself!


  1. No good advice for the patching - I can imagine it would be hard to keep up with everything. But I had to comment on the picture of Belle at the beach - she looks like a movie star in those glasses!

  2. I deal with this too. Some days are definitely harder to get in the required patch time. I figure though as long as I'm aware of it then it will keep me in check the next day. Sounds like you're doing a great job though keeping on top of it.