Saturday, April 4, 2009

ISO The Perfect Patch - re-usable eye patches for kids

So, Belle has been mostly wearing her Patch Pals eye patches that go over her glasses - her favorite is the kitty cat patch. The thing is that I believe she can cheat with them and that on her they aren't fully occlusive. I am not sure if they are too big or it has to do with the way they fit on her glasses and her little face. Friends who have patched have said that 'the best' way is to patch directly on the eye with 'a band-aid' patch as Belle calls them. The thing is that, those are not comfortable, irritate her skin, and hurt coming off. However, because Belle cheats when wearing the other patches and I want to make sure her vision is really occluded we have been double patching her with a band-aid patch and then a pretty patch over the top of that.

I received the recommendation to try out the patches from The Perfect Patch while I was on twitter seeking to connect with other parents of amblyopic kids. So, I went onto the site and decided to order her one. These patches are re-usable and depending on the pattern you pick they can go on either eye. Some of the designs are particular so you need to order them by right or left direction. They sell them in different sizes and a huge variety of patterns. The patches are worn under your childs glasses and the glasses need to have a nosepiece on them.

Belle picked this pink princess one (why was I not surprised) for right coverage and it was $14.98 ($canadian$) with free shipping. We did Paypal checkout and had it within a week.

The Perfect Patch seems to fit well, is comfortable, and cute. I just wish that they weren't $15 a piece since Belle would like a different patch for every day of the week.

Belle in her Perfect Patch eye patch

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  1. i like this idea of going under the glasses rather then over. trying to get a good view to replicate a Hello Kitty patch!