Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Review of Magenta Gets Glasses

Have you seen the old episode of Blues Clues where Magenta gets glasses? Its one of the older episodes with Steve in it - not Joe.

Magenta has been trouble seeing lately and so she goes to the eye doctor to get glasses. Steve and Blue help her out and we get to see how an eye test works. Later, we help her pick out her glasses and also help out when she's a bit shy about wearing them in public.
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Trivia: If you loved the TV show ER, you might recognize that Sherry Stringer (Susan from ER) is the voice of the eye doctor.

My daughter recently received the book Magenta Gets Glasses! along with a TY Magenta plush toy and was so excited.

The paperback picturebook tells the tale of Magenta who needs glasses because she is having trouble seeing but she is a little bit afraid of going to the Eye Doctor. I wished we had this book before Belle's first trip to the eye doctor. She was so afraid and didn't know what to expect. Thankfully our ophthalmologist is amazing and connected with her right away. He has a manner about him that puts you at ease and he isn't scary or threatening in any way at all. Both Belle and I are very comfortable with him and that makes a world of difference. Belle likes in Magenta Gets Glasses! how her friends Steve and Blue go with Magenta to the eye doctor so she isn't afraid. Belle gets afraid a lot. The best part about Magenta gets glasses, from the parent perspective, is that Magenta likes her glasses from the start. When she looks in the mirror to see how she looks with her glasses she notices she looks different but she likes what she sees. And now, Magenta is excited to see bumblebees and butterflies. As Belle now says to me all the time - "Look, Mama - I see a bird!" Its like music to my ears!

The TY Magenta plush toy is a perfect little Magenta wearing plastic glasses (no lenses) frames. The frames are fastened to her face securely with stitches so they are not removable and stay in place. She really loves that Magenta is wearing pretty purple glasses and enjoys her tiny size. I appreciate that because she doesn't take up much space and is portable. Belle takes Magenta in the car with us sometimes and even took her to school on Friday for Pajama day and bring your favorite stuffed animal. She drew me a picture of her Magenta the other day (complete with glasses) that I need to scan and share, it is adorable. She even took Magenta with her to the movies the other day. Yes, Magenta is loved.

Additional Vision Supports from Nick Jr:
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