Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Falls while Patching

Please send: Bubble wrap and Head, elbows and knee protection.

Ok... maybe that's overdoing it. But, seriously!

Last week she ran into the wall at school and fell down. Then this week she fell again during playtime - now, apparently it was "indoor playtime" and she was playing Tag. I'm not sure why they would have kept her patch on because that sounds like a Phys-Ed type of activity... I forgot to ask the teacher about it since she didn't get hurt. But, what if she had? Tonight I ran out to the grocery store because I needed a couple things and she came with me. We were in produce and she reaching to pick out bananas and ker-blam, on her bottom. Her shoe fell off when she fell and then when she went to slip her croc back on she misjudged where her foot was, tipped off balance and went back down again! After that she asked to ride in the shopping cart. Considering for about the past year she has fought me to not ride in the shopping cart, I felt pretty sad for her. But, at the same time - a bit relieved that she was at least safer riding up there instead of bumping into things or falling on her tushie.

The falling is getting me down.


  1. Although her falling is discouraging, it is a definite sign that her weak eye is being forced into being used more. I know that is not much consolation, but if her stronger eye was being used while patching, she might not be falling either. Maggie has always been slightly clumsy, and now that I read about Belle falling more it makes sense why Maggie might be accident prone. She has gotten better as she's gotten older, and hopefully her improving eyesight has contributed to this.

  2. I can tell you more accident stories about our Ellie when she was wearing her patch, then you care to hear. I think the most remarkable one was on top of Stone Mountain where she tripped and hit her head on a bench with a big metal bolt sticking out. You can imagine all the blood.... Our Ellie started wearing patches since she is four months old. The loss of depth perception and the many falls caused her to be delayed in walking and playing like other kids. I finally laid off of the patching, so that she would finally get brave enough to walk at 20 months! Now that she is two, we still have plenty of accidents and it seems her forehead is constantly blue... but I wish I would have been more persistent about the patch when she was younger... the more I wasn't, the worse her vision got. Persevere! It does get better the more consistent you are! I have heard that kids in less than a year can go completely off of patching! Wouldn't that be wonderful!