Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oops.... Mama forgot!

Yesterday I was rushing since we were late and got outside and found my van door wide open and her carseat drenched. So, we made a mad dash off to dance class which is right before Belle goes to Pre-K. I hear a little bird from the back seat singing:

"we wear our eye patch every day, every day"

My head spun around because I realized that I had left both her patch and her glasses case AT HOME.

She doesn't wear her glasses/patch at dance but she needs them for school afterwards. So, thankfully one of the moms in the class said she'd help Belle with her slippers/tap shoe changes and I drove home to get them. 30 minutes later, 12 lights and 2 jughandles - in the pouring rain with a wet seat her glasses were retrieved and she was patched and ready for school.

I can't believe that I forgot she needed her glasses and patch. Bad Mama Moment :(

What a morning!

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  1. hopefully days like these are few and far between, when it rains, it pours, no pun intended.