Friday, April 10, 2009

Patch Battles - literally

Well. Illness raged through the house like a storm and we all got sick. Belle perked up on Wednesday but then was sick again by evening. So, she had Tuesday off the patch, Wednesday on, Thursday off and now - Friday... She has the patch on. But, not without a battle.

I put it on her and she got so mad. She cried that everything "is fluffy". "it makes it hard to see". "I'm having a hard time being patient with this" (Hard to believe she is just 4 saying these things!)

Then, When I said she needed the patch til at least dinner time so she'd get 4 hours in...
She hit me.

Then, she ran downstairs to go be with Daddy and her brother since she knew that was the wrong thing to do.

But, she has the patch on.

1 comment:

  1. Maggie was ill about two weeks ago, and you know your child is feeling better when they get their feist back :o)