Monday, April 20, 2009

Patch Pals - Eyepatch review

When we first started patching several people steered me to the Patch Pals website for a real cute variety of patches. They told me, "Let her pick it out" and "make it fun".

Off we headed to PatchPals to pick a patch (read my experience here)

She immediately picked out a sweet little kitten patch that looks a bit like Hello Kitty. I also ordered her a purple sparkle version since she wears a lot of purple and the "princess pack" which includes a T-shirt that says "patching makes my eye strong and beautiful" and 2 princess patches. I had my items within days - very fast shipping. The patches are $8-10 a piece and are handwashable.

The Patch Pals go over Belle's glasses and they are soft felt so I am not concerned about them scratching her lens up. The patch pal does need to be held in place by the nosepiece of your eyeglass frame, so they don't work as well on plastic frames (like sunglasses).

Belle likes the way these look because she can coordinate them with her clothing, or pretend to be a kitten. One thing though, they definitely draw attention to the eye patch so your child will get noticed with these. Once when she was wearing the kitten one a young toddler almost ripped her glasses off of her face because she wanted to play with the kitten. My daughter freaked out about that and didn't wear the kitty patch for a few days after that. She always 'meows' when she puts it on, which is cute for a 4 year old.

Sizing is "one size fits all". This means that on a younger child it is going to be quite large. As you can see from the photos it takes up quite a bit of Belle's face, and she is 4. Also the white kitty one has gotten dirty from sweat, touching it with grubby fingers, eating lunch - etc. It is handwashable but you will get some noticable pilling of the felt with repeated washing.

My biggest concern with the Patch Pal has to do with cheating and if it is really fully occlusive. When wearing these patches I notice that Belle will slide her glasses down and try to peek around or over the patch. To avoid this, I have to use an adhesive patch directly on her eye under it. I want to make sure that her vision is absolutely blocked when she is patching - no sense in cheating around the patch. Belle doesn't like the way she looks when she is just wearing the "band-aid" patch and insists on covering it up with a Patch Pal which is essentially how we use these now. I recommend them, with the advice that you really need to make sure that they fit on your child's frame and face without a gap to allow for cheats.

Photos of Belle wearing her patch pals:

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  1. Thanks for your commentary on the patches.
    Our Ophthalmologist warned us that our child will occasionally 'cheat' & move her glasses to see, but not to worry about it for wearing it 2 hours a day with the cheating will still correct her vision.