Saturday, April 18, 2009

Patching at the Bowling Alley!

My daughter belongs to a great group called P.A.S.S. which is a sibling support group sponsored by our local Autism group, POAC. Every couple of months they hold free bowling nights for siblings of to come out and have a good time. What was great was I met a mother who shared with me that her 2 boys had Amblyopia and both have been completely reversed to 20/30 vision! That gave me so much hope for Belle.

Belle has such a good time at these bowling events and even wore her eye patch with confidence. Yep. She totally rocked her eye patch, and matching kitty kat purse. Pink bowling ball of course. And oh - that ramp is the best. She managed a strike and several spares!

See photos and videos from the February '09 event here (pre glasses & patch)

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