Sunday, April 26, 2009

Princess Peepers - Finally a Princess in glasses!

My Princess Peepers!

When my daughter failed her vision test at school and I told her she would need to get glasses. She was so very very upset. She told me "Princesses don't wear glasses" and she cried and cried.
Why not?

I googled "princesses in glasses" and found I was not alone. The results landed me on blog after blog of moms of princesses upset about glasses. I cried for my little princess who was feeling low but kept digging. I was hoping to find any princess who was wearing glasses and not getting a makeover which removed her glasses (like in Princess Diaries). I read in some blog comments, a link to this book Princess Peepers by Pam Calvert which I purchased right away. I wanted to have this on hand for when Belle got her glasses so I ordered it from Amazon for under $12 and free shipping on my order. The suggested retail price is $16.99 for this hardcover book.

The book tells the story of Princess Peepers who wears glasses, and loves them - she has a pair for every occasion (it reminded me of my daughter with all her many many pair of sunglasses for every outfit). That is until other princesses make fun of her for wearing glasses and she decides not to wear them. Not wearing them results in all sorts of calamities for Princess Peepers. Until at the end, she meets a prince who wears glasses too and they live happily ever after (with glasses).

The illustrations in Princess Peepers are by Tuesday Mourning and are a real treat. For my daughter (age 4) - the pictures are by and large her favorite part. As it turns out, even though Belle didn't want to get glasses because 'princesses don't wear glasses' - once she picked out pretty frames and saw how well they helped her see, she decided she loved her glasses. She is very much like Princess Peepers and if I let her she would have a pair for every outfit like Peepers. (psst... Yeah, she IS kind of like that with her eyepatches, they are significantly more affordable than glasses!). When we read this book she's commented on how the other princesses were mean to her because of her glasses. I was concerned at first that she might take it negatively and then not want to wear her glasses. Thankfully, she has not. When Peepers doesn't wear her glasses and ends up toppling out of a castle tower - she told me that 'if she had her glasses on she wouldn't have gotten hurt!". Some days I think my daughter is 4 going on 40!

Belle is definitely a Princess Peepers fan. It is nice to have a book with princess role model who wears glasses.

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