Tuesday, April 28, 2009

School patching issues

My daughter has a health plan for school which includes patching goals. It also details clearly when she should and should not be patching. For safety reasons it states that she is not to wear a patch when they are outside on the playground. Also, she has prescription sunglasses that I would like her to wear outdoors because she has a hard time when it is very bright out.

Today I got to the pre-k early because I was out running errands and didn't go home in between. While I was outside on the sidewalk talking to another mom I saw that the kids were outside on the playground. I observed my daughter outside wearing her glasses and patch - no sunglasses. I made a note to ask the teacher about it. When the kids came outside for the line-up to go home she had her sunglasses on.

I asked Belle about it and she told me that they forgot to take off her patch until she went inside and then the teacher aide switched her into her sunglasses. She has a new teacher because the former teacher just went out on maternity leave but the classroom para professionals haven't changed. I'm giving them a pass since the teacher is new and they were only outside for a short time. But I've filed a mental note of it and will discuss it with them if I see or hear about it again.

I just want to keep "my baby" safe.

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  1. I followed here from a comment on my blog (mcentellas.com). Thanks! This is a real inspiration for us (especially my wife) as we deal w/ our son's diagnosis.