Friday, April 10, 2009

The Truth about Free Glasses from Target

There is an email circulating that kids under 12 can get a free pair of glasses with their best lenses and a choice of up to 40 frames, no income requirements - just bring in a valid prescription from your eye doctor. I've gotten this email several times over the past week, of course never from Target but from everyone else.

Last week I remember reading about free kids glasses at Kansas City area Targets, and since we are no where near KC I didn't even think about it but for a minute. So when the emails started flowing about free glasses from Target I thought for sure it was in my area. At least, I really hoped it was.
Fail. No free glasses score for me!

The closest Target Optical Center to me is about 25 minutes away and they told me that they aren't offering it. This was a program exclusive to the Kansas City locations and that they were getting a lot of calls about it but had no plans on offering it at any time in the future. However, the sales rep was real quick to share with me that they did have a great deal on kids glasses when you purchase the frames for the full retail price the lenses are just $25 unless they are "out of the normal range".
This really isn't a bad deal but it isn't free!

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