Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Amblyopia and Disney - Part 2

So, I posted a week or so about the compatibility of wearing an eye patch at Disney World. Even though I can totally work the princess and matchy-matchy Disney eye patch angle.. this is still weighing on my mind.

Enough that I started a thread on the DISboards called "Wearing an Eye Patch at Disney", which I like to frequent before we head to WDW to dish about the dining and other trip strategies. If you are taking a trip to Disney you definitely need to check out the DISboards before you go.

I think that even though it is vacation, I want her to wear her patch at least for a few hours each day and try to get that patching time in.

I guess that makes me a really mean mom since some feedback I'm getting is more of the - one week won't "hurt" - just take it off and enjoy vacation.

Things that concern me include:
What do you think?
How do you handle Patching while on vacation?

Please Share your experience with Amblyopia and Patching at Disney.

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  1. We do a lot of traveling and I had a similar question this week... do I wear the patch while in the airport, through security, on the plane??? We wouldn't be taking pictures, but how would the umpteen million people react. I decided that I could waste 6 hours of a new experience where she would "forget" she had a patch on. While we were in security a family with a toddler in glasses lined up behind us and said, "Cool mommy, she wears glases like I do." Then the mom said they were told last week that they needed to patch full time and proceeded to ask me how things were going. We actually made a positive connection with some family that would have never happened without the patch. Now that we've reached our destination, I have thought about our schedule and planned patch time to go around picture taking events so that we have a combination of patch pictures and non-patch. There are certain events like meeting Mickey and the princesses at Disney that would be nice to have pictures of without a patch. For all other times, I think cute patches are just accessories for our cute kids. (sorry I can't figure out how to post that I am amomofelly)