Friday, May 29, 2009

Amblyopia: The One Eyed Monster

I've previously shared that Belle relates to and enjoys Mike from Monsters, Inc. You know, the green one-eyed monster.

Well, today when I picked her up from preschool her "new" teacher (her teacher she had for the bulk of the year went out on maternity leave), told me... "She was running around chasing the boys to "scare" them and pretending to be a One-Eyed Monster. She has such a great attitude about wearing her patch".

I was pleased to hear this because in the beginning we had many man tears about having to go to school wearing her eye patch. And, I laughed because this one-eyed monster scenario is straight out of a scene from The Patch - a great book about a little girl with Amblyopia. Belle has been patching now for 3 months - and while it has gone by quickly the days are long when she is complaining, crying, falling down, and telling me that "she looks ridiculous" and "everything looks blurry". I know that it is hard for her, it is hard for me too. But, it will be worth it in the end when she is able to see with both eyes.
To think that my pretty little girl relates in some way to a one eyed monster makes me a bit sad. Yet, I am thrilled beyond belief that she is able to make light, find humor, or at a minimum - find some fun in it all. If that means she runs around chasing and scaring boys pretending to be a One Eyed Monster.. a one eyed monster it shall be. A very pretty one, at that.

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