Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"And down she goes"... again

Belle has always seemed to be the kid that falls down and gets hurt. She's had her head stitched up and as a toddler always seemed to have bumps and bruises from running into things or falling down. I chocked it up to her inheriting my grace and coordination - but when we received the Amblyopia diagnosis it made sense to me. Using just one eye means poor depth perception.

Once we started patching, the fall downs and run into the walls increased. Of course, I know that as her vision improves in her weak eye this hopefully will get better. In the mean time, it stinks!

Today at pre-k pickup the kids were all lined up against the wall and the teacher was calling them one by one to go to their parent. When Belle got called she ran towards me very excited to see me and about 5 feet away from me she fell smack down flat forward on the sidewalk. Her body actually skidded forward after she landed. Thankfully, she landed on her hands and knees and not her face as I immediately thought it looked like faceplant. Her beautiful face and her teeth and glasses were all OK. Her knees and hands another story - Sidewalk Rash. Not a lot of blood but she is very sore and there were many many tears.

Kids fall and get hurt but it kills me how much this happens. Her eyes need to get better and I pray that this happens quickly - even though I do know it can be a long process.

I pray we make it through this in one piece!

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