Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Screwed!

Yesterday we went back to the eyeglass shop again, Pearle Vision Center. I felt like it was pretty ridiculous, since she just got her glasses mid-march. We were back a month later, and then 2 weeks after that. Here we were just a week later, and they were loose again?

Truthfully I was steamed, but I swallowed how I felt and headed over there.

The girl who works in the front knew us and was like "back, again?". I went over to her and sat down and told her that indeed we were back and that I was really frustrated as I have to drive 20 minutes or so in traffic to get there and that this was feeling like a weekly event. I explained what the optician said about the fact that this was happening because of my daughter being rough with her glasses (which she is not) or that it could be happening because of the differences in the prescriptions tipping the frames off balance. I expressed that I was concerned that he used a screw that wasn't the right size and that each time they were actually getting worse.

Camille, from FrameHuggers who has a lot of experience with pediatric ophthalmology and fitting glasses was the birdie that I needed in my ear telling me that it just didn't seem right. I knew she was on to something. She told me that sometimes the inside of the frame holes gets stripped or that they could use a screw with the nut and/or a threadlocker.

I knew that it certainly didn't sit right that the glasses were getting all loose so quickly - not for how much they cost. No way! I managed to not lose my cool but come across as concerned and frustrated - letting them know that this means business, I wasn't going to be coming back in a week. I would take a refund and go someplace else if I had to or pick out different glasses.

So, they got me the manager who then showed my daughters glasses to one of the opticians there who took one look at them and remarked that the screw the optician had used was indeed the wrong screw. She said that they actually have better screws there then the glasses company screws and that she'd fix it. She swapped out 4 screws in her glasses and then gave the glasses back and told me that if I had any problems to call or come back and Belle would get free glasses.

So, here's hoping that this works and our weekly trips for loose screws have ended. I do have to report that her glasses actually seem to fit her better than they ever did - only took a month and a half of weekly adjustments to get it right.

Like I have nothing better to do with time!!
Ah, well.

Here's to getting screwed :)

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