Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glamour Girls Wear Glasses (and patches!)

Yesterday was a big day for Belle. She had been invited to a SPA party. Yeah, my 4 year old gets to go to a spa - I was just a little jealous.. but also Oh so excited for her! She was so well behaved all day and barely fought me about wearing her patch. After school instead of trying to take her patch off right away she kept it on. I told her that if she kept it on all day she could have it off for the spa party (They were doing makeup, etc). She was so cute because she asked me if she could please wear her glasses so she could see at the party. I let her know that would be fine though she might have to take them off a couple times (for her up-do style and the eye makeup!).

The spa was fabulous, it was Sparkle Diva Studios - which only recently opened. The girls got mani/pedis, hairstyles, eye candy, and enjoyed cupcakes. The experience was complete with white fluffy robes and spa slippers - the kids loved the robes!

After the party was done we took Belle over to get her pictures taken at the mall. I wanted to get professional pictures done of her wearing her glasses. Her school pictures were done the day we picked her glasses up (but before the pickup) and when she saw the pictures the first thing she asked me was "wear are my glasses?". It seemed like this was a perfect time to go for pictures so off we went.

Can you believe that the photographer asked me "Do you want to take her glasses off?" I was so mad! I was also very glad she didn't hear him say it. I responded that I didn't - that I specifically wanted pretty shots of her wearing them. He looked surprised and then commented that it wasn't a problem he could take out any glare from the lenses in the pictures which was why he asked. It just made me mad that he even asked it.

Her pictures came out great!

My little glamour girl wearing her glasses.


  1. Aww... so sweet, and she is so beautiful! My 4 year old baby girl just got her glasses a week ago. She doesn't mind wearing them, its just they wont stay on her little nose. I have been looking every where for a decent "retainer", no luck yet. She's a doll!

  2. Janessa,
    contact she is making really nice retainers now. A bit different than the one that I posted and reviewed, it is slimmer and she did my son one in a blue camo pattern - I bet she could make you a pretty girl one.

    Or, if you want a clear one then look at the inconspecuous one that is made of a fishing line type of material and magnets.

    Good luck!

  3. She looks so cute. I love her glasses would you mind sharing the brand of them? thanks Christy

  4. These frames are "Disney Princess Snow White 2" - they come in a bunch of colors, but they are the dark pink.

    Very cute!