Friday, May 1, 2009

Glasses adjustment/repair - Again???

Belle got her glasses on March 18th. On April 16th, we went back to the eyeglass place because she had a screw loose. Today, April 30th - I noticed that her glasses were "not right" again. The same side where they replaced a screw 2 weeks ago was all loose again and seemed like the arm might fall off. Considering these glasses were not cheap, I would expect them to last more than a month and a half! Back to the eyeglass center we went again. I asked them why the one side might be getting loose like this and if it had to do with her patches. They said, no - her patches were lightweight and shouldn't cause undue stress to the frames if they are put on/taken off carefully. Since I am the one who does that - yes, I can say they are. He asked to see Belle take on and off her glasses and complimented her for using 2 hands and doing it very carefully. I think he was hoping to "blame" it on kid abuse, careless handling but he couldn't. Belle is really quite gentle on her glasses (especially compared to her brother!) . The young man asked an older gentleman (the one who fixed them last time) what he thought might be causing it and he responded in about 1/2 a second after taking one look at her glasses. He said it is because the lenses are so very different in prescription that they are unbalanced. Because of her amblyopia - her "lazy" (I don't like that term) eye has a strong farsighted prescription on it and the lens is quite thick. The other lens is thinner and the prescription is quite mild. Her frames are metal (disney princess). He indicated that adjustments would be frequent.

Good thing, they are free.

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  1. Maggie had the metal frame glasses for awhile, they lasted longer than the plastic sort, but eventually we opted for the Miraflex frames. They aren't as sophisticated as her metal framed ones. Maggie's prescription is heavy in both eyes, so we didn't have that lopsided issue, they just kept falling off her face completely!