Friday, May 22, 2009


Some days I want to tell people to mind their own business!

You know, the people who come up to my daughter and I, when we are minding our own business, and make a comment about my daughter's eye patch right in front of her.

Winners that I hear a lot of include:
  • Did she have surgery on her eye?
  • Aw.... what happened to her eye?

This one made me want to punch someone:

  • She is so cute, it is too bad she has to wear that patch.

Then there is the lady on the sidewalk at school drop-off who apparently DID have to patch her older child when they were a toddler. She told me that:

I shouldn't be patching Belle at school and that instead I should patch her for an hour or two at home when she is in front of the television. She said that her eye doctor said the best thing she could do is watch TV with the patch on.

I just don't think so!


  1. I'll admit that I'm guilty of talking with parents of patching kids and making some comments. But in my defense, it is almost always to say what a cool patch it is or how cute it is.

    Does that make it less annoying?

    -Dr. B

  2. I'm fine with people who say "Oh that is a cool patch" Or "I like your patch", etc. Her patches aren't exactly subtle so you can't help but notice them!!!

    In the beginning though she used to get mad when people even said that. Now, she is pretty good about it and I think she likes when people say nice things about it.

    I just could live without the negative comments about it - especially right in front of her. Isn't it hard enough already on the kid???

  3. I don't think I would have the patiences for that. I would probably end up saying something to the parent that would have them running away crying. I deal with that with my leg all the time. Sometimes people need to think before they open their mouth, and even then, that's not a guarantee that you are going to get something of quality when they start talking.

  4. We went to France on vacation, and we were there for almost a month. Not a single time did anyone ask me about my son's patch, or even really pay attention to it at all. I discovered that, I assume due to nationalized medicine, at least half of the children that we saw were wearing glasses, and many had eye patches. It was amazing for my son to be treated normally without having to explain the eye patch!

    But, my son has learned how to answer people when they ask about it, and I think because he treats it as normal, the people who ask him are satisfied with his answer.

  5. don't you just love those who think they know YOUR child better than you?