Thursday, June 4, 2009

A disappointing follow up appointment

Maggie's most recent eye check up was in March. Her doctor was pleased with her progress and advised that she stop using the patch. Maggie had used the patch for nearly one year. Today was one of her regular appointments, but for some reason, I was a bit nervous on this visit.

In September, Maggie will turn 4 years old. At 22 months, she knew how to count to 10, and now is able to recite the letters and their sounds with ease. Impaired vision has not hampered her ability to learn quickly. She was diagnosed with amblyopia in December of 2007 at just over 2 years old. Of all the checkups she has had, it seemed that her vision either maintained or improved, but not this check up.

The smaller letters were more difficult to read this time for her. Before, she read them with ease, which was very encouraging to hear. Then it was time for the eye drops to dialate on this visit to check her prescription. Considering her dad had to hold her down and the whole office witnessed her loud yells, I think she did okay. Thirty minutes later, she reluctantly went back to the doctor's office to determine if her prescription had changed.

Sure enough, we received a new one that would be stronger. She had become more far-sighted in the past 3 months. Her doctor said she could hold off on patching again, and we would see if the stronger prescription would help. I had noticed that her amblyopic eye was beginning to turn in again over the past couple of months, but not enough for the doctor to recommend the patches for now.

I placed an order for new lenses in her glasses. I wonder, will she have headaches with her eyes adjusting to the new prescription? My husband and I have nearly perfect vision, so it's not something we could know from personal experience. Her next appointment is in 8 weeks, and we shall see what adventure lies in store.


  1. Sorry to hear Maggie's prescription is stronger. I'm not sure if she'll have headaches. Jake never complained when he first got his glasses. I only have a mild prescription so it wasn't much of a change for me and I only wear them when I drive so I don't really have experience with a strong prescription. I think they say it takes about 2 days of wearing them fulltime to get used to a change.

    Your experience with the drops sounds like how Jake reacts. I thought he was the only one to get so upset about them!

  2. :( Sorry to hear that her prescription got worse. I know that over the years my prescription seems to have gotten stronger with each visit. Of course, we hope with our kids and patching/glasses that the script improves instead of worsens.

    Let us know how she is adjusting to the new glasses, I hope the stronger script helps and you'll be back to good news again soon.

    hugs from Belle :)

  3. Hope all is well. Our PO said that as their eyes grow the prescription may change. It took my 3 year old about 2 weeks of throwing her glasses off until she adjusted from -7 to -8 (her full prescription is a -9) It did help her vision!