Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hello Sight! Good-bye Boardwalk Fears!

Living on the Jersey Shore means we have oceans, and beaches, and boardwalks. We also know how to stock up on boardwalk ticket books over easter weekend when they are buy 1 and get 1 free. Sounds fun, right? Well, it wasn't so fun when I had no less than 4 books full of the tickets last summer just sitting there unused because my kid wouldn't go on any of the rides. Even with her bestest of friends - she opted to WATCH the rides but wouldn't go on them. I didn't get it. This was me last summer with my Belle. I didn't get it. She was so very fearful to a point where it was paralyzing. I even speculated about Autism, which I'm all too familiar with because of her brother.

Yes, some of it - I am sure was just an age and stage that she was going through last summer. But, now more than ever I am convinced that so much more of it was related to vision. Yesterday we went to the boardwalk and it was a completely different experience. She wasn't afraid, timid, or clingy. Instead her eyes were open to the whole experience and she took it all in. She tried rides by herself and also with a friend (and one with Mommy). She pointed things out to me and she came into her own.

The day was incredible.

With improved vision.. comes a decrease in the daily fears and obstacles of the past. I am so proud and happy for Belle and her progress.

And she totally rocked her prescription pink sunglasses from Zenni!

We had just one minor speedbump when she went into the FunHouse (Mirror house) and was following her friend but her friend got ahead of her - she walked right into one of the walls. Ouch! I guess I forgot for a minute that because of her Amblyopia she doesn't have very good depth perception and that the funhouse would be more difficult for her than for others.

She survived and came out with a smile though.

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