Monday, June 22, 2009

Jocelyn's Story

Jocelyn's amblyopia adventure submitted by her mom, Tina.

Jocelyn was just over 2 when we started noticing her right eye turning in a bit when she looked to her left. At Christmas time, family started commenting on it. We made an appointment with the ophthalmologist Jocelyn had seen at 2 and 4 months of age for an unrelated matter. By 2 1/2 she was in glasses. She had some vision loss in her right eye because her brain wasn't using it. By her check up 3 months later, her right eye was back to 20/20. Over time things have changed. At 4 we added bifocals to her glasses to keep her eye straight when looking at things closer up.

Just before 5 1/2 we added the patch. Two hours every day. We started out with the band-aid ones and she hated them. She was in kindergarten and did get questioned by the kids, but nothing too serious. She simply replied that she had to make her other eye stronger. After a couple weeks of sticky patches, I sent my mom on a mission to come up with a better plan. My mom is very creative. Well, after a couple of hours and some research, she came up with our No-Peek patches. Jocelyn loves them! She helps me decorate them and when having to wear them to school, her friends were very impressed. It became something the other kids looked forward to seeing in the morning - what will Jocelyn have on her patch today????

We just got back from our 4 month check up after adding patches. Her right eye has gotten much stronger and even called for a new prescription in her right lens and we only have to patch for 1 hour a day now. We go back in another 4 months (October). We'll see what the doctor says then. Jocelyn will be 6 by then and will have been wearing glasses to treat her amblyopia for 4 1/2 years. She does great with them and for that I am very grateful.

Learn more about No Peek Patches, developed by Jocelyn's mom and grandmother and sold through Etsy: No-Peek patches

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