Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Patching works - 3 month Progress report

So, we have been patching now for 3 months with Belle. I was nervous to go to today's appointment. I feared that where we'd slacked a bit recently (due to general craziness in our schedule, a death in the family, etc) that we might not see much progress at this visit.

I'm usually not happy when I'm wrong!

Today I am thrilled.

The doctor confirmed that she is indeed making improvements in her weaker (amblyopic) left eye. Where she couldn't even see the big E, now with her glasses on she is able to make it down to the third row. She did struggle a bit with the letters and try to crane her neck and lunge forward. She was giving "O" for an answer instead of "C" and mixing up "H" & "N". These are very minor errors but they wanted to test a bit a more. So the doctor switched to the pictures chart and tested her eyes again. When she said a bicycle was '2 people holding hands' we figured she really was guessing. Belle is really cute when she gets her eyes tested and points out to the doctor 'those letters are just soooooo tiny'. He is a good sport and goes along with her. So, aside from the few times she guessed or clearly was stuggling (that still hurts to watch) she is doing much better.

Her vision is improving overall. And, not just her weaker eye - even her "good" eye is improving.

Her glasses prescription will remain the same and we are to "keep on patching" and doing what we are doing. I feel now, even more committed to staying on top of Belle with the patch and make sure we get in our daily patching.

Another good visit to our eye doctor. Belle and I left with big smiles on our faces. She goes back in 2 months.

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  1. Yeah! That is great news! I've been anxiously waiting for your post today:)