Monday, June 22, 2009

Treating Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) With a Joystick

I've been reading various articles for a few months now about the benefits of video games for kids with Amblyopia.

In particular, today an article from Science Daily Treating Lazy Eyes With A Joystick discusses an innovative software/videogame that is currently only available for adults - but is in development mode for children.

Surely playing a video game, does seem like a "fun" treatment. Indeed.

Now Tel Aviv University's eye and brain specialist Dr. Uri Polat of the Goldschleger Eye Research Institute has developed a computer therapy that could spare kids from the ugly eye patch, letting them enjoy themselves during therapy. The treatment, currently available for adults only, corrects the activity of the neurons in the brain, the main operator of eye function.

However.. I am at a loss and mixed regarding the language used in this article which downs the use of an eyepatch. My daughter would beg to differ regarding that "ugly eye patch" - which if you have seen any of the pictures posted here on are far from ugly. As for having fun, there is something to be said for a child wearing an eye patch doing healthy, active, indoor and outdoor activities vs being glued to a video game.

Still, it seems that technology and video games could indeed make the eye patch obsolete - which isn't a bad thing.. no, not at all.

Reversing Amblyopia is a great thing. As always, early detection is extremely important.

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