Friday, August 14, 2009

August is National Children's Vision & Learning Month

August is National Children's Vision & Learning Month

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If your preschool or school age child has not had their vision checked, make an appointment.

Troubles at school could be vision related.

My daughter has amblyopia and I would not have known if it hadn't been for a vision screening - I had no idea my 4 year old was not seeing out of 1 eye!

Run, don't walk... to get your kids eyes tested!


  1. Hello Tara! Thank you so much for supporting my blog and adding your self as a follower! We are all on the same mission!!! It just breaks my heart when I get emails from parents and they are so scared! People like you make a difference on the process of the child getting better and having the best experince they can!! I want to bring awarness and share my stories as well so thanks for posting my link to my blog! I admire you for all the work and effort you do for both of your children!! You Rock!!
    All My Best,

  2. In Suffolk children are not offered screening. I was lucky. A teacher at Happy Days Stradishall happened to realise that my son was having difficulty seeing things to the left of him. Something I never picked up. The eye test showed that he can see perfectly until one eye was covered. Even the optometrist said that he was supprised at the result. Amblyopia! We only discovered this because one observant teacher contacted me after just one episode. (he could not see a piece of wool to his left).
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go have your childrens eyes tested. This can be treated if detected young. One thing is for sure, I'll be dragging my daughter down to the optometrist as soon as she turns three!

    Kind regards,

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