Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meltdown at the Optical Shop

Yesterday I noticed that my daughter was getting an irritated mark on her nose from the nosepad of her glasses. She told me that it was squeezing her. A part of me wonders if she isn't outgrowing her glasses but I am pretty sure she just needs them adjusted and that the nosepad got a little bent or foggled up from all of the "patch on patch off" activity that is part of dealing with her amblyopia.

So, I planned to go to the optical shop with her today. Since my son's glasses were in desperate need of adjustment too (they had gotten so stretched out from his rough handling) I made the decision to take them both after he got out of Camp. This was my first mistake. In an effort to save on taking 2 trips and dealing with traffic (normally 15-20 minutes but it took me almost 40 minutes each way today), I created a monster.

Here's how it all went down.

My daughter was happy as a clam and wanting to go get her glasses adjusted and her brother was just going along with the flow of things until we pulled into the parking lot. At which point she announced "I am going first, not my brother" and almost shut the car door onto the poor guy. Ok, so she was excited -- I let her know she could go first.

She went and sat down in the stools and I told the girl behind the counter that both kids needed adjusting and that my daughter wanted to go first. The technician came out and went over to my daughter as instructed. Except, instead of cooperating like she usually does - my daughter proceeded to then hide under the counter and say she was afraid. She wouldn't let the guy look at her, let alone fix or touch her glasses. I explained that if she wanted her glasses adjusted she needed to sit up and let him take a look at them, but she wasn't cooperating. Since she was having a moment, he went over to my son who he could see couldn't even keep his glasses on his head without using the retainer strap. He began to adjust my son's glasses.

And then.. My daughter LOST IT completely.

Because "She was supposed to go first".

The tears and blood curdling screams that came out of her were heard throughout the county and I wanted to vanish. I felt like every eye was on me and my child as I tried to explain to her that she had her chance to go first, she hid and that if she could just wait a minute it would be her turn. Nothing I said or did could fix this at this time, so when my son's glasses were done. I apologized and then said that we needed to leave. Screams, Tears, and all. Her glasses never got adjusted and I was afraid at this point she might even break them so I took and put them in her glasses case and tucked them in my purse.

And then we drove home - another 45 minute trip that should have taken 20 but the traffic stunk. She screamed the entire time. This didn't go over well with my son who is on the Autism spectrum and doesn't care for loud noises. He told her to be quiet and asked her nicely at first. When she didn't - then he started to cry too. It was a long ride home.

Once we got home and my daughter laid down across my lap and in the time it has taken for me to type this - she has sobbed herself to sleep.

Tomorrow is another day, and maybe just maybe I'll be brave enough to show my face again at the eyeglass place.

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