Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Enfant Vision Test: Using TV to spot vision problems:

I continue to be impressed and intrigued by the use of technology to help screen vision problems such as amblyopia in young children. I can't help but wonder/wish that my doctor's offices had used these fancy types of screening and caught my daughter's amblyopia sooner. As it was, she was diagnosed at age 4 through an "old fashioned" vision screening that was conducted at her school. I am thankful that her amblyopia was detected as young as she was and during pre-school so that we were able to start helping correct it right away. With the development and more widespread use of these screening tools, kids like my daughter will get diagnosed and be able to seek help and treatment sooner than later.

What follows is a neat article and a video about the Enfant Pediatric Vision test.

There's a new way to spot vision problems in kids early by using one of their favorite technologies - TV!

New vision test, Enfant, uses TV to test kids’ eye sight

For more info and to view a demo video:

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  1. I am so excited that you found my blog. I caught Landon's eye really quick! My brother has amblyopia also and I think that is why I knew something wasn't right. The doctor did not see his lazy eye until she dialated him. Then we found out that indeed he did have amblyopia and a strong prescription. For now, Landon will be in glasses and she will see him again in 3 months. She wants to see if we will have to do the patch and/or therapy. Landon has been delayed in so many of his developmental milestones and has had so many different types of therapies. I now wonder if this could have been part of the problem. Only time will tell. I will be keeping up with your blog. Thank you for giving us parents this great website and support system!